Warid 4G LTE

Warid provides GSM, HSPA+ and LTE services in Pakistan. It is owned by the Abu Dhabi Group. It owns about 9% of the market share among mobile network providers with around 12.9 Million users making it the 4th largest network provider in the country.


Warid started operating in the country on 23rd May 2005. On 26th November 2015, Mobilink and Warid entered into a contract for merger of both the companies. Under the terms of the merger, Mobilink will no longer exist. Warid continued to provide services for about a year after the end of Mobilink on 10th January 2017. It was announced by the combined CEO of Mobilink and Warid on 6th January 2017 that the company will continue to operate with brand name of Jazz. After becoming a single brand, the customers of Mobilink can now use the services of 4G LTE offered by Warid whereas the Warid customers can use the 3G network of Mobilink. After the merger, all the customers of Warid had to get their sims replaced with those of Jazz at their customer service centers free of cost.

Warid got its license to operate in the country by sheer luck. PTA announced to give two licenses to Telenor and space telecom for their operations in Pakistan. But Space telecom could not make the down payment for license. Due to this, the license was given to the next bidder in line and that was Warid. Under the CEO Mr. Hamid Farooq, Warid initially started working in 28 cities.

Awards and achievements

Warid broke all the records of coverage by providing coverage in 28 cities of the country in the first stage of service rollouts. It was so popular among the public that it reached 1 million customers in just 80 days after the start of providing services.

Warid has also received the Corporate Social Responsibility award on 24th March 2014. It has participated in various social activities by donating PKR 800,000 in 2010 and another 1 Million PKR in 2013 to University Endowment Fund of Government college University. It has participated in Sundas Foundation, blood donation activities and Polio Immunization drive.

It is also providing mobile paisa service in collaboration with Bank Alfalah. Customers can deposit, transfer, withdraw cash and pay their utility bills as well with the services of mobile paisa.

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